Will Cody Rhodes and Goldust kiss? Let’s hope.

You know what I’m really enjoying about #Raw lately?  All the Cody Rhodes and Goldust my heart can handle.  Amanda, you may ask, does Goldust really do much for you?  Well the answer, my compadres, is yes.  Though I’m not sure why, and it’s probably in the same way that David Bowie as Jareth in Labyrinth gives me a weird feeling in my stomach that I don’t quite understand.

Seriously though, I’m really glad Cody Rhodes is finally getting some heat.  And it’s great to see Goldust back.  Frankly, I didn’t expect that to happen, and I definitely didn’t expect Dustin Runnels to come back with such a nice physique.  He looks more badass than ever; his makeup no longer makes me uncomfortable because I’m attracted to him, it more makes me uncomfortable because he looks quite serious business crazy.  His face makeup designs are great.

I also am very much enjoying Stephanie McMahon lately.  That’s a sentence I never saw myself uttering, or typing I suppose, but I have to give the woman some credit; she is definitely her father’s daughter.  She’s a natural at playing the big evil bossman and I’m really enjoying disliking her so much.

All in all, I hope they all kiss and let me watch.


So Shawn Michaels can still get me hot and bothered. Go figure.


beard All it took was a beard. And probably some kind words to Bret Hart. Also probably that black tank top. And probably the jeans and the look that if I met him in person he’d ignore me, then flick a cigarette in my direction, sending me into a downward spiral of love and stalking.

Long story short, this beard does things for my nether regions that Shawn’s stripper moves once did for me when I was thirteen, with a similar outcome as I still find myself confused and aroused and uncertain what to do with my body.