So Shawn Michaels can still get me hot and bothered. Go figure.


beard All it took was a beard. And probably some kind words to Bret Hart. Also probably that black tank top. And probably the jeans and the look that if I met him in person he’d ignore me, then flick a cigarette in my direction, sending me into a downward spiral of love and stalking.

Long story short, this beard does things for my nether regions that Shawn’s stripper moves once did for me when I was thirteen, with a similar outcome as I still find myself confused and aroused and uncertain what to do with my body.


Congratulations Bret Hart!


Nobody deserves it more.  The Hitman is pure class.

PS I watched it and cried.  For both happiness for Bret Hart and sadness for myself because I will never marry him.

The Steve Austin Show is (unsurprisingly) awesome

Have you heard of The Steve Austin Show yet?  It’s kind of awesome to have Austin shooting the shit again.  He’s not sitting in the ring having beers thrown at him, but it’s great.  I love when he speaks candidly (though isn’t that kind of always?)

You can check out The Steve Austin Show here.

In episode #2, posted April 11, 2013, Austin speaks with Shawn Michaels, and it’s a great interview.  Some interesting topics include the Shawn’s early training with Jose Lothario, the importance of the Intercontinental Belt in the WWE, Shawn’s jealousy of Steve Austin when Austin’s heat was building, and life in and after wrestling.

Courtesy of Broken Skull Ranch